Having been around since 2009, WhatsApp is still the best communication application to date. In Indonesia alone, this application is in the top rank of mobile apps based on the number of active users, written in Digital Reports 2021.

It cannot be denied, WhatsApp does have a myriad of supporting features that will help its users communicate. You can use not just text messages, voice or video calls for free.
Over time, many users are getting bored with the built-in features of WhatsApp. Fortunately, there are several third parties who have started developing this application or better known as WhatsApp MOD.

What is WhatsApp MOD

As the name suggests, WhatsApp MOD is a modified WhatsApp application with the addition of several features.
This modification is carried out by third party developers whose aim is to make the WhatsApp application richer in features and capabilities. Because it was developed by a third party developer, WhatsApp MOD is usually not available on the Playstore.
To use it, we have to download the WhatsApp MOD Apk via other sites outside Playstore or iOS for iPhone users.
Currently there are several variants of WhatsApp MOD that have been made by the developers. Among them are quite famous, namely WhatsApp Aero. The WhatsApp MOD applications on average have features that are not much different.
However, because the developers are different, it is possible that we will find a feature that is in one WhatsApp MOD application, not in another WA MOD application.

Again, this is normal considering the developer is not a single person or a company.

WhatsApp MOD features

Continuing the section above, there are some common features that we will get on most WhatsApp MOD applications. Good for WhatsApp MOD versions 2017, 2018, 2019, until the latest version in 2021.
Following are the features of WhatsApp MOD:
  • Temporarily Freeze WhatsApp Application
  • Hide Online Status
  • Hide Gray Tick and Blue Tick
  • Hide Status While Typing and Recording Messages
  • Hide When We See Other People's Status
  • Turn off Delete Messages
  • Hide Blue Microphone Feature

The Advantages Of Whatsapp Mod

Unlimited Themes
The application has many types of themes and can be used for free. You can also create your own theme and share it with fellow application users. It is different with Whatsapp which has a limited theme, namely standard and dark.

Manage More Than One Account

When using standard Whatsapp, you can only manage one account on one smartphone. Therefore, it is recommended that you use an application so that you can manage two accounts in one smartphone.
Sending Large Files
When using the application you can send video data up to 50 MB and audio data up to 100 MB. It's different if you use standard applications the maximum amount of data transmission, both audio and video, does not reach that number.
Apart from that, you can also send data at a large size status. This makes it easier for you when creating a video status. In the standard Whatsapp application you can only create a video status for 30 seconds. However, with this application you can create a video status that is up to 7 minutes long.
Hide Message Status
There are three types of status on Whatsapp, first check one which shows that the smartphone of the number owner you are calling is not active. Second, check two, which means the message you sent has been received but has not been read. Third, check two and it is blue, which means the message has been sent and read.

The existence of this status can be detrimental for some people, especially those of you who are not happy to chat. The solution is to hide the status in order to avoid problems. When you activate this feature, the status cannot be seen even though you have opened an incoming message.

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How to install

To install from unknown sources on Android 7 or earlier versions, users can enable and disable features directly from the settings panel.

First, open the App Drawer> Settings> Security & fingerprint. On devices that don't have a fingerprint feature, users will only see the Security option. Select that option to view device security settings.
After that select the Unknown sources option to control whether apps from outside the Play Store should be allowed to be installed on the device. Activate the toggle until it is on and the feature has been activated on the user's cellphone.
Then the user will get a pop-up notification stating the risk of installing an application from an unknown source. Tap OK to activate the feature.
After the feature is active, tap on the APK file that has been downloaded and wants the user to install. The APK will automatically install on the user's device without any problems.