If you used to play PS often, you must be familiar with the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game.

Now the GTA game can be played on an Android phone. That way it will be easier for us to play this game anywhere.

find out GTA-Sa-Lite

On this occasion I will discuss the Indonesian version of the GTA SA Lite MOD APK game which has a lighter size and can be played on almost all Android cellphones.
GTA SA Lite Mod Apk is a Grand Theft Auto game that has been modified in such a way that you can get all the paid features for free.
In addition, there are several locations in the game located in Indonesia.
Starting from the conditions of the streets, buildings, housing, everything is completely Indonesian. There is even a Monas monument and a Pancoran statue.
Already curious about the GTA SA Lite Mod Indonesia game? Just download it by clicking the download button below.

Review GTA SA Lite

One game that has received quite a lot of positive responses from game lovers around the world is GTA San Andreas, which at first can only be played on Play Station. However, because it has a positive response, the developer of this game has made adaptations to various platforms, one of which is Microsoft Windows.
Then came GTA which can be played via smartphone, namely GTA SA Lite. So you can get this GTA SA Lite via smartphone, you know! So what are the advantages of GTA SA Lite? Come see the reviews below.
GTA San Andreas is a game with an adventure genre, telling the story of a street gang member named Carlos "CJ" Johnson who tries to uncover his mother's killer. This game is quite successful and has a lot of fans on Play Station 2. Until now, GTA SA has been developed in various platforms including Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Mobile.

For those of you who want to play this game on a mobile device, take it easy, because GTA SA also has a small version or lite version that allows you to play GTA SA Lite on a mobile device. What are the advantages of GTA SA Lite? Here's what you need to know:

  • Has a small file size, about 300 MB.
  • Has a better graphic appearance compared to the GTA SA Original version.
  • Supports using bluethooth for gamepads.
  • Has easier game controls. Especially when using motorbikes and cars at high speed in this game
  • Can be played online or offline.
  • There is a Cloud Save feature, which is a feature that can save the games you have played without having to start from scratch. even if you change devices.
  • There is use of Indonesian.

So, those are some of the advantages of GTA SA Lite which can certainly make your gaming experience even more exciting. Good luck.

The advantages of GTA SA Lite Mod

  • Already supports Indonesian.
  • Support Cloud save.
  • Still very good and comfortable to play even though there is a graphics decline.
  • It is compatible with Bluetooth gamepads using the help of Octopus Pro.
  • Game controls are easy to use.
  • Already fused with Immerson's tactical effect.
  • Can display special buttons needed when playing. so that each mission is easier to complete.

Grand Theft Auto or GTA games are arguably the most popular games from time to time.
This has been proven from the past until now there are still many who play the GTA SA Lite Mod game.
Although the GTA San Andreas series has not very good graphics, this series is the best-selling and popular of the other series.
Apart from being seen from the exciting gameplay, the storyline of GTA San Andreas is also very interesting.
You could say that the Android version of the GTA San Andreas Lite MOD Offline APK is almost the same as what we used to play on PS2.
Because it has been modified and has a light size, making this GTA SA Lite Mod game can be played on an Android smartphone smoothly.
For those of you who have an Android cellphone with minimal specifications or a potato cellphone, don't worry.
Because you can still play the GTA San Andreas Lite game in offline mode smoothly.
Now, you can reminisce on the past playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or commonly abbreviated as GTA SA via an android smartphone.
Now you can feel the thrill of playing GTA San Andreas again via an Android smartphone.
That is my review of the GTA San Andreas Lite Mod Indonesia game, which you can download for free via the link above.

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How to Install GTA SA Lite

For Android users, here is a tutorial on installing the game and also the OBB.
  • Download the two files that the admin has provided.
  • Extract the OBB file, copy the com.rockstargames folder.
  • Paste the folder in Internal Memory / Android / Data / Paste Here.
  • Then install the GTA SA APK, you can also install the Apk first, then install OBB, whatever.
  • In essence, before pasting OBB into the Data folder, DO NOT play the game even though it has been installed.
  • After installing, an option will appear like the one below, activate both.
  • Really easy right? If anyone experiences an error after installing an application such as the game cannot be opened or what, you can just comment under this post.

Once installed you can play it, when you first enter the home page, please select "Offline" as shown below.

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