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Instagram is one of the popular media to date. not much different from other social media, on Instagram you can share photos, videos, boomerangs and even stories about your daily life.

but on Instagram you cannot download photos / videos that are there even though the photo or video comes from your own account.
Because of these shortcomings, many developers create applications to help users download media on Instagram itself
one of them is GB Instagram, this mod application from Instagram has several complete features that can help its users, one of which is downloading media without having to open other applications.
besides that you can also use multiple accounts at once in just one application. which of course cannot be done in the standard Instagram application without the help of other applications.
This application itself was developed by Atnfas Hoak and has reached version 1.60.
if usually other mod applications require users to provide root access first, but this application does not. You just need to install it like a normal application and you can already enjoy the advantages of GB Instagram compared to the standard Instagram application on the play store.

What is GB Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social media platform that is visited by millions of people every day. It allows people to share photos, videos with everyone they want to connect. And for brands and businesses, this allows them to reach their target customers both organically and paid for. But even if Instagram is a strong platform, it has certain limitations.
For example, you cannot zoom in on photos in the Instagram app. This presents a lot of challenges especially if the objects in the photo are so small that you need to zoom in. Also, this app doesn't allow you to customize a lot of things to keep everything clean. But if you're one of those people who likes to be playful, this is a big turn off. Then, there's always the online problem. On the Instagram platform, you cannot hide your presence to unwanted people. By doing so, you are forced to have conversations that you don't want to have at the moment.

All that changes when you have the GB Instagram app! This app allows you to solve all those problems and more! This is perfect for you if you want to have complete control over your Instagram access. This app is the same as Instagram but has a special code and a small file embedded in it which allows you to have other features. There are other applications like this one, but most of them require you to have a rooted device first. But with GB Instagram, you don't need to have a rooted device! You just need to download this app and you're set! That's how fast and easy this app is.

GB Instagram Mod Apk Features

If you think that GB Instagram is just another app, you are wrong! This app is all you need and more! Here are the features:
In the original Instagram application, there is no feature to enlarge a photo or profile picture. This makes it very difficult to see the image especially if there are small elements in it. But with GB Instagram, you can freely enlarge the image as many times as you like! No need to save photos to your phone just to enlarge them.
Automatic Translation
Instagram is an app used by billions of people around the world. It makes sense to have automatic translation features in it like Facebook. However, this is not the case with Instagram as there is no feature for this yet. But with GB Instagram, you can instantly translate any language into English. This is a useful feature because now you don't have to manually translate it into Google Translate.
Mark Message
Another useful feature that the original Instagram doesn't have is the ability to tag messages. What this means on GB Instagram, you can mark any chat as favorite. This will put your favorites in one place and at the top of the chat. This will ensure that every important conversation is always prioritized instead of getting stuck with lots of useless chats. Now, you don't have to scroll down for too long just to find chats that are important to you.
Two Accounts
In the original Instagram app, you can only use one account at a time. But thanks to GB Instagram, you can use 2 accounts like on FB! You can freely switch between personal or business accounts with a single tap. Now you don't have to always log in manually just to update your account.
For people who like to tinker with settings, Instagram's GB customization feature is sure to brighten up their day! What it does is lets you select a variety of themes from the library. Apart from that, you can also change the font to your liking! Now you don't have to settle for the normal black and white theme that Instagram uses. You can choose yourself and impress your friends and followers!
Hide Your Online Presence
In the native Instagram app, once we are online, we cannot delete our presence. But what if you don't want other people to know you've seen their status or story? This is where this feature comes in handy! On GB Instagram, with just a tap of a button, you will become invisible for at least a while. If you don't want other people to find out about your digital footprint, this is one way to get rid of it.

Copy Other People's Bios

Occasionally, we may come across an interesting bio that we would like to copy. But in the original Instagram app, it doesn't let us copy it. It becomes a task after which we need to copy everything manually. But at GB Instagram, we have the option to copy people's bios or send texts instantly! Not only that but you can even copy comments from a post! That's how powerful this app is.

How to Install GB Instagram Mod Apk

I hope you've checked the GBInsta features shared above. It will be called the best Instagram MOD ever in the future, as it was launched recently. As GBWhatsApp Likes are very popular on WhatsApp MODs, it will be in Insta MODs. Well, you can download and install this Apk on your mobile just like anyone else, but if you are a normal Android user and have never installed an app from Play Store then maybe you will be confused. No need to worry about this, below I share the steps to install GB Instagram on Android.

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  • First of all Download GB Instagram on your Android Phone.
  • Install GB Instagram on your mobile, you will get it in the download folder.
  • If you have never installed an Apk file on your device before then you will have to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. For this go to settings >> Security >> And Tick Mark on Unknown Sources.
  • Now that GB Instagram is ready to install, try again to install it and you will be successful this time.
  • After installing GB Instagram on your cellphone, go to your Instagram account.
  • Voila !! That's it, Now Enjoy the Amazing Features of GBInstgram.