Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a Photo Editting App for Android or iOs Platforms, developed by Adobe Entertainment.

This software application is designed as a tool, in managing or editing, a digital photo, where you can create photos or images with extraordinary graphics.
This Adobe Photoshop Lightroom application, has a very far difference, from ordinary Adobe Photoshop, because Adobe Photoshop is a Graphic Editting Program.
Where Adobe Photoshop is commonly used for Photo Retouch and Photo Manipulation, while Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is more used for Photo Retouch by playing a very varied Color Effect.
In addition, in this Photo Editing Application, you can add Blur and Auto Focus Effects, so that the resulting photos are extraordinary, like using a DSLR Camera.
The advantages of playing the color effects are very varied, this application is more widely used by world photographers, even the Technology Observer Survey said that this application is mostly used by photographers from the United States, which is about 90% of photographers.
Therefore, for those of you who really like editing photos and aspiring to be a photographer, you can download the Modified version of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom application, which we have provided in today's article.

Full Features of Lightroom Mod Apk


No Ads
In the standard version of the application, you will see some advertisements displayed by the application.
Indeed, the ads that are displayed are not too many and too often, but most users are annoyed by the appearance of these ads.
To get rid of the ads displayed, users must upgrade the application to the premium version.
To upgrade the application version, of course, you have to make a payment in advance (subject to fees).
Now for those of you who don't want to spend money but want to use the premium version of the Lightroom application, you can use the mod apk application as we have provided here.
Besides there are no ads displayed, you can use other features completely free of charge.

No Root

Almost every application version of the mod apk must first perform the rooting process.
But the application this time is different, if you want to use the Lightroom mod apk, the rooting process is no longer needed.
So users only need to download and perform the application installation process only.
And you can immediately use the premium Lightroom application permanently easily and without any cost.
Filters / Presets
Preset, in other words, some people call it a filter is one of the advantages of this application.
In the standard version, of all the filters provided, you can only use part of the filters, and you can't use the rest.
You can only use the best filters in the application if you have upgraded the application to the premium version.
When you have upgraded the premium version, you can immediately use all the filters / presets that have been provided.
Custom Preset
What's more interesting about this application is that users can create their own presets as desired.
However, this custom preset creation has a drawback, namely that users can only create a limited number of presets in one account.
Using this mod apk application you can create an unlimited number of your own presets. You can even combine several presets into one.
When editing photos, professional photo editors definitely use several layers at the same time. The editing process will be difficult if the use of layers is not optimal (limited).
In standard applications the addition of layers has been limited by the developer, so the user can only use a small number of layers.
The way to add layers to the Lightroom application, users only need to upgrade the application to the premium version or can use the mod apk version.
Export Photos
Have you ever had problems saving the edited photo?
Usually when you save the edited photo, you will feel the difference from the image.
In the standard version of the application, when saving edited photos, the image quality will decrease. This makes the results of the editing process less optimal.
With the use of the premium version of the application, this will not happen. Users can choose the quality of the image size when exporting photos to the gallery.
You can save photos with full HD image quality based on the original edits without sacrificing the slightest quality.
Watermark / Watermark
The addition of a watermark is a sign that the photo is your own work.
This watermark is only available on the premium version of the application. You cannot add a watermark to your edits if you are only using the standard version of the application.

In addition, the addition of this watermark will automatically make other users unable to use the photo.

How to Install Unknown Source Applications


Mungkin ada beberapa sebagian dari kamu, yang tidak mengetahui cara mendownload Aplikasi dari luar Playstore, karena itu kamu bisa mengikuti Tutorial Install Aplikasi Unknown Source, yang telah tersedia dibawah ini :
1. Download terlebih dahulu Aplikasi Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Premium Full Pack tersebut, pada Tombol Button bagian atas.
2. Pilihlah Folder Penyimpanan Eksternal, untuk menempatkan File Aplikasi Mod yang mudah ditemukan, dan tunggulah hingga 100% download-an selesai.
3. Setelah Aplikasi tersebut telah berhasil di download, silahkan aktifkan terlebih dahulu “Install Aplikasi Sumber Tidak Diketahui”, pada pengaturan Smartphone yang kamu miliki.
4. Kemudian carilah Folder Aplikasi Mod yang telah kamu download sebelumnya, lalu pilih Install Aplikasi, dan tunggulah hingga beberapa menit.
5. Setelah berhasil ter-Install, Aplikasi Mod tersebut sudah bisa kamu menggunakan dan mengakses berbagai macam fitur-fitur yang terdapat didalamnya.